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Andrew Mallett

Andrew has acted for Alan Ayckbourn, worked in public affairs and written as a journalist for a city firm. Since setting up his own consultancy business in 2000 he has developed and run programmes for organisations such as Lloyd's of London,

Barbara Rock

Barbara is a multicultural, international consultant and executive coach. Current and recent clients include American Express, UBS, ExxonMobil, Merck and Starwood. Previously, Barbara worked at Deutsch Activ as sales and delivery manager, and at Strasbourg International Airport Chamber of Commerce and Industry where she was responsible for implementing customer service and quality initiatives.

Barbara is based in Metz, and is fluent in French, German and English. She qualified with The Mind Gym in August 2004 and delivers workouts across Europe for Deutsche Bank, AXA Investments and United Biscuits.

Becky Heino

Becky holds a Ph.D. in organizational communication from the University of Southern California. She currently splits her time between teaching at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and researching the effects of communication technology on relationship and organizational development. Her consulting has focused on clients in the technology and law industries.

Becky qualified as a The Mind Gym in November 2004. She has run workouts across the US for companies such as Deustche Bank, UBS and Diageo.

Caspar Berry

Caspar started his working life as an actor in the first two series of Byker Grove, with Ant and Dec, before going back into education and studying Economics and Anthropology at Cambridge University. By the age of 25, Caspar had written two feature films for Film Four and Columbia Tri Star. He then made a life changing decision and became a professional poker player at the tables of Las Vegas.

After three years, he set-up and ran twenty first century media - within three years the largest independent production company in the North East of England. It was during this experience that he started speaking about the relationship between poker and business, something he has now grown into a second business.

Caspar qualified in 2005 and has delivered workouts for Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Virgin, The Guardian and Shell.

Catherine Nicholson

Catherine's background is in operations and sales. Catherine qualified with a Diploma in Training and Development from Leicester University in 2001. In addition to her commercial career, Catherine also developed as a gymnast, representing Great Britain all over the world.

Since starting work with The Mind Gym in August 2001, Catherine has delivered to a variety of clients, including M&S, Barclays, the Royal College of Nursing, Curry's and Merrill Lynch.

Catherine Semark

Catherine keeps herself spontaneous and creative by performing regularly on stage with The Undersigned, London's "crack team of improvisers" (Time Out).
She specialises in communication skills and has worked for a wide range of clients over the past 10 years such as Rank Xerox, Powergen, 3, PricewaterhouseCoopers and 20th Century Fox. Her portfolio is equally wide ranging, including an NLP qualification, a degree in music, event production and teaching at Regents Park Open Air Theatre Education Programme.

Since qualifying with The Mind Gym in December 2004, Catherine has run workouts for clients such as Rothschild, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, BBC, MTV and KPMG.

Chirag Jain (CJ)

Chirag achieved an MBA from Oxford, a First Class Honours degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi and a First Class Post-Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from the National Institute of Sales in India. He also ranked in the top fifty in the all-India Chartered Accountancy Foundation Examination.

As a management consultant with IBM, Chirag has worked in the IT, Leisure, Telecoms, Wealth Management and Financial Services sectors. His experience with Coca-Cola and Unilever in Sales and Marketing roles has given him added insight into the Retail Sector.

CJ is a very successful professional stand-up comedian. He is also fluent in Hindi

He qualified with The Mind Gym in January 2007

Clare Amos

Clare is an Occupational Psychologist with over 10 years of consultancy. She has worked closely with companies such as BT, Shell, Tesco and Sony Eriksson.
Prior to setting up her company in 2003, Clare worked as a Managing Consultant for SHL (the UK's largest Occupational Psychology Consultancy), and went on to set up the consulting arm of The Resource Connection Ltd where she spent many years working with leaders and their teams, as diverse as the NHS and the Hilton group.

Since working with The Mind Gym, she has worked in a variety of clients such as Pfizer, GSK, M&S and Barclays.

Claire Castell

Following a degree at Bristol University in Politics and Sociology, Claire worked in Madrid for the Corporate Identity company Wolf Olins. She returned to the UK for a postgraduate degree from The School of Journalism at Cardiff University. She then worked for six years at the global PR consultancy Hill & Knowlton where she specialised in corporate, internal and crisis relations for companies such as Motorola, Microsoft and Nortel. Over the last few years, Claire has worked with the consultancy beasyousay, helping clients such as Master Foods Europe, Nestle, BT and Corus communicate and engage with their employees. Claire is fluent in Spanish and likes to chat in French and Italian too

Claire became a Coach with The Mind Gym in December 2004 and has run workouts for the BBC, Barclays, HBOS, Arcadia and GSK.

Danny Easton

Danny has over 20 years of experience in General Management and HR, mainly within top ten global communication and distribution companies. Since setting up his own company in 2000, Danny spends most of his time lecturing for international MBA programmes and running mentoring schemes for a national charity. Danny is an avid snowboarder and once travelled through 14 European countries in 4 weeks on his motorbike.

He has been a Coach with The Mind Gym since 2003 and since then has worked with a diverse range of clients including Accenture, BP, Cuury's, Fujitsu and GSK.

Dave Ruef

Dave has spent the last decade assisting clients like IBM, NYC Police, Pfizer and Unilever to perform at a higher level. He blends the academic rigour of graduate degrees from Harvard and Columbia (organisational psychology) with practical experience as VP of HR with Chase Manhattan Bank and Director of Training with American Express in New York. His international experience includes work in Romania, Holland, Chile, and the UK.

A graduate of The Mind Gym's first US Academy in March 2004, Dave has delivered a range of workouts for our expanding US client base, including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.

David Stevenson

David's background is in Education and the Performing Arts. He was actively involved in the transformation of the Education system as part of the transition towards a new democracy in South Africa, post apartheid. He was also a founding member of the Johannesburg Deaf Theatre Company, which represented South Africa at the International Deaf Theatre Festival. He works extensively with the Royal Opera House Education Department and travels whenever he gets the chance.

Since coming through The Mind Gym academy in June 2005 David has run workouts for Pfizer, Ofcom, Barclays, ABN AMRO, GSK and Transport for London.

Debbie Taylor

After getting a 1st in Astrophysics from Bristol University, Debbie trained as an accountant at E&Y before joining The Mind Gym team. As well as being a Coach herself, Debbie trains new Coaches across the UK, US, Singapore and Europe. Additionally she is responsible for continually developing and improving the design of our workouts.

Since qualifying in August 2003, Debbie's clients have ranged from Deutsche Bank and Pfizer to BBC and Omnicom.

Deborah Brown

Deborah has 20 years experience in sales and sales training. Her corporate career was primarily involved in stock-broking, publishing, cosmetics and the finance and leasing industry at GE Capital. Since becoming a freelance consultant, Deborah has worked with Hewlett-Packard, Wrigleys, and American Express.

Deborah has run The Mind Gym workouts for Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, Shell, Virgin and the BBC since joining us in December 2004

Donna McGeorge

Donna has over 10 years experience in L&D with companies such as AT&T, Ernst and Young, Ansett Airlines and Stockford ltd. In 2002 she formed her own business, designing and delivering programs that are focussed on organisational strategy, group & departmental objectives and individual learning outcomes.

She is MBTI and NLP qualified and the preferred facilitator of the Australian Human Resources Institute professional development programs.

Donna qualified in 2006 and has run workouts for Deutsche Bank.

Douglas Martinez

Based in New York, Douglas is a seasoned business consultant, project manager, trainer and coach with over 14 years of experience. He has worked with leading companies such as IBM, Fleet Bank, State Farm Insurance, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, HBO, US Army, and the Interpublic Group. Douglas has a background in software and has successfully delivered dozens of technical and business transformation projects.

He has also experience as a professional theater actor and has studied Eastern and Western Psychology at the Graduate level.

Douglas holds a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University.

He qualified with The Mind Gym in 2007.

Fernando Caramazana

Fernando has over 18 years of experience as a facilitator, coach and management consultant. Through his worldwide network of consulting and training organizations he has worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Dupont, Citigroup, IBM, and Merck. Fernando has worked in over 20 countries, including China, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Japan.

Since graduating from the Mind Gym USA Academy in November 2004, Fernando has delivered workouts for Credit Suisse, UBS, Diageo and Pfizer.

Fiona Houslip

Fiona started her career in advertising, and worked in top agencies for 10 years. She then changed direction and is now an Executive Coach, working with professionals at all levels. Fiona has a degree in Economics, a 1st class degree in Psychology (1999), and has trained with the Hay Group, Timothy Gallwey, Landmark Education and The Regents College School of Psychology and Counselling.

One of the first qualified Coaches, Fiona has delivered to a large variety of clients of The Mind Gym, including Turner Broadcasting, Heidrich and Struggles, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Boston Consulting Group.

Frank O'Halloran

Frank spent over ten years in Rome with the United Nations, where he worked as the Director of Personnel for the Multinational Force and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Frank is now a seasoned consultant working extensively in the US, Canada and Europe. Current and past clients include: Andersen Consulting, Coca Cola, GQ Magazine, MTV, Oracle and SONY. Prior to his work as a corporate consultant,

Frank is fluent in Italian and lives in Venice. He qualified as a Coach with The Mind Gym in August 2004 and has since worked with Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, ABN AMRO and GSK.

Gene Moncrief

Gene has been involved in international executive development for more than twenty years in the capacity of coach, consultant, and workshop leader. Her global expertise in interpersonal behavior, an MBA in Marketing and knowledge of business process make her a valuable personal coach for senior managers and an excellent facilitator. She has coached and trained over 6,000 people representing at least twenty nationalities. A professional career in a multinational financial services corporation prepared her for work in corporations such as: American Express, CBS, Cadbury Schweppes, BT and UBS.

Gene qualified in 2007 and has run workouts for Deutsche Bank, National Grid and Pfizer.

Gina Caceci

Gina studied at the State University of New York. During her 10-year career in the demographic/marketing information industry, Gina held the posts of director to vice president of sales and marketing. She worked with small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Since 1994, Gina has specialized in facilitating workshops for clients such as Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Marriott, Black & Decker, J.P. Morgan Chase and Unilever.

After qualifying with The Mind Gym in November 2004, Gina has run workouts across the US for Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, GSK and Reuters.

Helen Vandenberghe

Helen is an international business coach, consultant & trainer and has enjoyed more than a decade of working with individuals and teams in the private & public sectors. She has worked in industries ranging from Investment Banks to NHS Trusts.

Since qualifying with The Mind Gym in 2001, Helen has worked with clients as diverse as the Camelot Group, Safeway, Deutsche Bank, Kingfisher and Diageo.

Jacqueline Farrington

Jacqueline has worked as an executive coach and facilitator for over 16 years with companies such as Salomon Smith Barney, London Business School, Bristol Myers Squibb and the Rhode Island Secretary of State. She is a speaker for TEC International, an advisory and support organization for CEOs. In addition to her work as a management consultant, Jacqueline has taught at Yale University since 1992.

Jacqueline qualified as one of the first Coaches with The Mind Gym in the States in March 2004 and has since been delivering workouts for clients including Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Kraft and Diageo.

Jane Palmer

Jane started her career in change management with NatWest Consulting before moving to the Forum Corporation. Here she spent 6 years leading major projects for Blue Chip clients developing their own "branded customer experiences", as well as facilitating learning programmes in leadership and customer service. Clients included Sainsbury's, Eurostar, Homebase, Coca Cola, Masterfoods, Sheraton Hotels, KPMG and Abbey National.

Jane qualified as a Coach with The Mind Gym in August 2003 and has delivered workouts in English, French and German with many of our International clients including Deutsche Bank, Barclays, BP and AXA Investment Managers.

Jean Burke

Jean has spent 16 years in Marketing and Communications within the food, retail and financial services industries. Most recently she has worked for GE Consumer Finance as Head of Internal Communications and Corporate Responsibility. There she was involved in significant Change Management, Leadership and Employee Engagement Programmes and worked extensively with external stakeholders in Westminster, Consumer Groups and Charitable Organisations.
Jean has now established her own Communications and Coaching practice.

Jean qualified as a Mind Gym coach in 2007.

Jenny Flintoft

In 2001, Jenny chose to pursue a career as a freelance consultant and has designed, developed and facilitated learning solutions for firms such as BAA and Motorola in the UK and overseas. Prior to this she was the European Training Manager at The Walt Disney Co. Her training career originally developed at Sainsbury's and Next.

Since qualifying as a Coach with The Mind Gym in October 2004 she has run workouts for ABN AMRO, Accenture, ITV, Shell and M&S.

Jessica Chivers

Jessica has worked for Waterstones, Whitbread and Barclays in people and culture development within a marketing and communications setting. She has a first class degree in psychology from Stirling University and often contemplates going back to university to do a PhD in buyer behaviour. Jessica is a professionally trained distinction-level life coach and now runs her own coaching practice.

Jessica came on board with The Mind Gym in February 2004 and has since delivered workouts for Ofcom, Pfizer, M&S, GSK, Lever Faberge, and the BBC.

Joanna Yates

Jo is an occupational psychologist who specialises in behavioural courses that enable people to get more from life. The majority of her profressional life has been spent in the role of Product Manager at The Mind Gym, developing programmes and courses.

As a freelancer, she now delivers workouts throughout the UK and across Europe. She is particularly interested in developing the idea of brand through customer service.

Since qualifying as a Caoch in 2004, Jo has run workouts for clients such as Nike, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse and Royal Mail.

John Ford

John Ford has extensive experience in management development and organisational communication. He has worked with major corporations such as the American Stock Exchange, Merrill Lynch, CBS, ABC and the Home Box Office division of Time Warner for more than 20 years.

John earned his BA in Communications from the University of Maryland, and has done graduate work at several institutions including the Harvard Business School.

Since qualifying John has run workouts for Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and UBS.

John Nicholson

John's previous business experience includes a stint of 8 years as the National Sales Manager for Welcome Financial Services. During that time John was responsible for the management and training of a national sales force, leading a major culture change programme and obtaining and retaining the Investors in People accreditation.

John has worked extensively with The Mind Gym since April 2002, running over 400 workouts and supporting programmes across the country with clients such as Shell, KPMG, Diageo, Marks and Spencers, Royal Mail, Fujitsu and Warner Bros.

Jonathan Hill

Jonathan is a freelance Coach with nearly 10 years commercial industry experience. He began his career setting up a research recruitment division for a city consultancy serving the Financial Services, Management Consultancy and Legal sectors. He then moved into FMCG's, working for Coca-Cola and Redbull, during which time he led London vending operation for Coca-Cola to 15% volume growth, managing 30 representatives. During this time he also implemented sales coaching workshops at National Account level. This resulted in doubling distribution for key brand pack formats across Waitrose and Somerfield stores.

Since 2005 Jonathan has successfully built up Catalyst Coaching as an independent coaching practice serving individuals and corporate clients such as Shell, LeasePlan, and Lexis Nexis.

Jonathan qualified as a Mind Gym coach in 2007.

Jonna Sercombe

Jonna's background is in psychology, linguistics and philosophy which he now combines with extensive experience in organizations and his deep understanding of coaching, training and facilitation. After beginning his career in marketing, he moved to become training manager for the BMW group.

Jonna then joined the Mind Gym as Product manager, writing content for the workouts. He became freelance in 2005 and has run workouts for a range of clients such as Barclays, ITV, M&S, Ofcom and Pfizer.

Jose Maria Ruperez

Jose is a native Spanish speaker and a business development consultant, with over 22 years of experience with large corporations such as Hewlett Packard. He graduated from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and received an Executive MBA from the Institute for Executive Development in Madrid.

Jose delivers workouts with The Mind Gym in Spanish and since qualifying as a Coach in October 2003 has worked with United Biscuits International, Hewlett Packard and Deutsche Bank.

Julie Johnston

Julie has been in the Learning and Development arena for over 20 years now and has made a major impact in helping people achieve outstanding results. She has a wealth of experience working internationally for large blue chip companies.

Julie is also an Executive Coach with clients based both in the UK and worldwide.

Julie presents at a number of conferences addressing Leaders from a variety of backgrounds in the art of personal development.

Julie qualified with The Mind Gym in February 2006 and has run workouts for Ofcom, Pfizer, M&S and Xansa.

Justin Wise

Justin's passion for both arts and sciences led him first to study computer science, and then to work for 10 years in award winning software companies developing world leading special effects software used in films such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and The Matrix. More recently, he was a founder director of Curious Software, a company that creates software used to make news maps on most major television news channels - winning a coveted Queen's Award for Innovation in 2004.

Justin turned his hand to Coaching and qualified with The Mind Gym in June 2005. Since then he has delivered workouts for clients such as Credit Suisse, National Grid, Pfizer and Ernst and Young.

Justyn Comer

After graduating from Cambridge University, Justyn began his career in software, initially working in Silicon Valley before moving to New York to build investment banking trading systems. He then spent 11 years as a programme management consultant overseeing change on the Euro conversion, Y2K, and numerous business re-engineering initiatives for financial services firms, both in New York and in Europe.

Having qualified with the Mind Gym in February 2006 he has run workouts for UBS, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche and Boston Consulting group.

Karen Sigalas

Karen comes from a 7 year background in Management Consultancy in Change Management, working with clients such as British Aerospace, Hay Management Consultants, Syntegra and Capita Consutling. She has recently set up her own practise as a professional coach, working with investment bankers, Group Finance Directors, Recruitment Directors and PhD students to improve performance, build confidence, or even summon up the courage to run the next marathon.

Karen qualified as a Coach with The Mind Gym in August 2004 and has since run international programmes with Merrill Lynch and GSK. Her other clients include Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Rothschild, Virgin, Barclays and Accenture.

Kate Sirrell

Kate has over ten years Learning and Development experience, including 7 years with Air Products based in London and Paris.� Her international experience includes designing and facilitating Management Development and Leadership programmes throughout the EU, the USA and Asia.� She speaks fluent French, holds a degree in European Business and is a qualified MBTI Step I & II Practitioner.� �
Kate began coaching with the Mind Gym in November 05 and has delighted participants at clients including Marks & Spencer, The Healthcare Commission, and ITV. She has also worked on a number of international programmes with BP, Shell and Deutsche Bank

Laurent Lefevre

Laurent worked for 12 years with Mars Inc in various roles in Sales, Buying, Logistics and HR - laterly as the Learning and Development Manager for South Europe. In April 2003, he set up his own business, "Facilitation & Co", running Mars Inc Corporate courses on management (in French and English), facilitating Corporate client meetings and delivering Dale Carnegie Courses across the centre of France.

Laurent qualified as a Coach with The Mind Gym in August 2004 and delivers workouts in French for global organisations such as Hewlett-Packard.

Laurie Carrick

Laurie's qualifications include 25 years of executive leadership, combining 12 years with Mobil Oil Corporation and 13 as owner of Carrick & Associates, a consulting company. GSK, Air Products and Firstrust Bank are among her clients and her credentials include a MBA and CPA. Laurie designs and facilitates programs for all levels of leadership across the world, with her certifications in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), FIRO-B, Achieve Global and Dale Carnegie.

Graduating from the first US Academy in March 2004, Laurie has run The Mind Gym workouts with clients such as Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Diageo and GSK.

Lucio Lampreia

L�ºcio is a native portuguese speaker and a training and development Consultant with 10 years of experience with large corporations such as Vodafone, Lilly Pharma, Astrazeneca and BP. He designs and facilitates programs in leadership, negotiation, sales skills and sales management skills, decision making and problem solving, team building and team effectiveness, presentation skills and personal effectiveness.

Lucio graduated in Sociology and he has certification in Self Leadership by Blanchard International. He qualified as a coach with The Mind Gym in August 2006 and delivers workouts in Portuguese.

Maren Haack

Maren has more than 25 years of experience, the first half working in HR functions of a large German cosmetics & skincare company. She then set up her own consultancy, working internationally as a trainer, workshop facilitator, organisational consultant and executive coach.

She is based in Germany, speaks German, English and Spanish and has trained throughout the globe. From a shipyard in Greece to a community center in Zambia she always felt inspired by unusual working environments. Her clients include Airbus Industries, European Central Bank, Siemens, Pepsico, Lucent Technologies, Mars Electronics International, the Volkswagen Car Group and Volkswagen Financial Services.

Maren qualified as a Mind Gym Coach in August 2006 and has run workouts for Deutsche Bank and BP.

Marie Teixeira

With over 20 years experience in the areas of Human Resources Management, Organization Development and Training, Marie provides consulting and training services for organizations within Canada, United States, Brazil and Europe. Prior to her career in consulting, she held Management positions with Domtar, McKesson, Ottawa Board of Education, and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

She is fluently trilingual (English,French,Portuguese) and functional in Spanish.

She holds an Associate Teacher position, at Universit�© du Qu�©bec � Montr�©al, MBA Programme, for the course 'Change Management in Organizations'.

Marie qualified in July 2006.

Mary Gregory

Mary started her career as an Occupational Therapist for the NHS. She has since had 20 years experience working with change and development for a variety of clients in both the public and private sector. She is qualified in training and development, NLP and has studied for an Msc in Change.

Since starting with The Mind Gym, Mary has run workouts for clients such as Barclays, NHS, GSK and Pfizer.

Melissa Church

Melissa has worked as a Freelance Consultant and Coach in Japan & around Asia for the past 7 years. Most recently she has worked as a Human Capital and Development Manager with Seven Seas Co., Ltd - a corporate training & consulting firm that both Melissa and two associates founded in 2003. Melissa has done the majority of her work with Microsoft Japan KK where she has designed and facilitated programs to all levels within the organization, including the deployment of global programs. She has also developed and ran training sessions from companies such as Hitachi, Shinsei Bank, Corega, Asahi Glass Corporation and Johnson & Johnson.

Melissa qualified as a Coach in July 2006 and delivers a range of The Mind Gym's workouts throughout Asia for clients such as Deutsche Bank.

Noel Woodgate

Noel's 18 year career at Xerox saw him leading UK and European teams in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. In addition to spending time in North America, Noel also worked in Athens helping to set up the infrastructure for the Olympic Games in 2004. A rugby enthusiast, Noel has been playing the game since 1965, coaches a youth team and referees midweek games at Cambridge University.

Noel qualified to work as a Coach with the Mind Gym in October 2005 and has delighted participants at BT, Curry's, Royal Mail, Whitbread and Pfizer.

Paul Schrijnen

After doing his MBA at INSEAD Paul joined leading process consultants Gemini and Forum, where he has led training workshops with a wide range of clients such as Nike, Selfridges, Shell and Nokia. He started his career with facilitating community meetings in villages and towns in Belgium and Portugal. Paul is fluent in Dutch and English, based in London and has worked all over Europe, Africa and the US.

He qualified as a Coach with The Mind Gym in August 2004 and since then has worked with Merrill Lynch, ABN-AMRO, Credit Suisse and Hewlett-Packard.

Paul Turnbull

Paul recently became a Mind Gym coach after 7 years in senior learning and development roles at 3UK and Guardian News and Media. He has 10 years experience in the areas of coaching, training and facilitation, working with all levels of individual from administrator to director. In addition, he is a qualified occupational psychologist, Chartered member of the CIPD and licensed NLP and MBTI practitioner.

Since joining The Mind Gym Paul has run workouts for Accenture, Pfizer and Three.

Phil Higgins

Phil's background is in the pharmaceutical industry where he was a manager, trainer and coach for 16 years. He worked at Pfizer for 12 years winning various sales awards along the way. With a passion for developing people, Phil trained to become an NLP Master Practitioner and an accredited Life Coach and now directs his skills and experience in developing individuals and teams.

Graduating from the Mind Gym Academy in 2006, Phil has worked with such diverse clients as Fujitsu, Currys, ITV and O2.

Philip Woodford

Philip has sought a variety of challenges from his diverse careers in advertising, as a barrister advocate and as a professional actor, all of which leads him now to realise that his plan all along was to provide clients with a wide range of interesting communication skills. He is presently developing an international conflict resolution process and a childrens animated programme, and is taking great care not to confuse the two.

Philip qualified as a Mind Gym coach in June 2005 and has delivered workouts for clients such as KPMG, Merrill Lynch, HBOS and SJ Berwin.

Reuben Milne

Reuben has over 10 years experience in the world of PR and marketing. As well as working for a number of agencies and brands throughout that period, he co-founded the PR agency Joe Public, before deciding to set up his own consulting business, Spark Creativity.

As a The Mind Gym Coach, Reuben has spent 90 minutes in the company of a range of clients including Barclays, Gillette, 3, BBC and Virgin.

Sally Hinder

Sally has 12 years financial services and 8 years internal communications experience. After graduating in French with Media and Cultural Studies, Sally started her career with Fidelity Investments where she handled investment sales and service calls. Sally moved into internal communications at Fidelity, managing various initiatives including the communication for a business re-engineering project following the decision to set up an office in India. In 2004 Sally was headhunted into Brit Insurance where she was Corporate Communications Manager, with responsibility for internal communications and media relations.

Sally has obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Communication Management and is a qualifed life coach. She has her own business specialising in Communication, Coaching and Training.

Sally qualifed as a Mind Gym coach in 2007

Sam Paulette

Sam started her career in Telecoms and was one of the first employees of 3 mobile. Sam has worked in branding, management and organisational development and retail training. Sam holds a BSc degree in Psychology, she is a qualified practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and accredited to deliver Ken Blanchard's "Gung Ho" course. She has dual nationality and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Sam qualified in August 2004 and has delivered The Mind Gym magic to the BBC, MTV, Accenture, Merrill Lynch, Warner Bros, and Barclays.

Samantha De Siena

Samantha has a degree in psychology from UCL and has worked as a part of The Mind Gym team since its creation. She has designed and written a number of the workouts and The Mind Gym Academy (where we train people to become coaches). She is now a dedicated Mind Gym coach and also runs her own organisation, Agents of Awareness.

Since qualifying in November 2002, Samantha has delivered workouts to a wide variety of clients, including Virgin, Credit Suisse, BBC, AXA, Barclays and Sky at all levels across Europe.

Sandra Chewins

Sandra has 15 years training, internal communications management and leadership development experience in the Telecoms industry, namely BT, Cellnet and mmO2. Sandra now combines freelance consulting for clients such as Nestle UK with setting up a Theatre in Education company, taking issue based theatre into schools in the North West.

Since qualifying as a The Mind Gym Coach in October 2004 she has run workouts for Royal Mail, ITV, M&S, NHS and BT.

Sandra Pires

Sandra is a native portuguese speaker and a training and development Consultant with 9 years of experience with large corporations such as Vodafone, Shell and Mercedes Benz.
She is a trainer, facilitator and coach, working with individuals, teams and executive level leaders.

Sandra has a degree in Psychology and a post-graduation Certificate in Stress and Well Being. She has also been trained in 360�º feedback systems by Profiles International.

In August 2006 Sandra qualified as a coach with The Mind Gym and delivers workouts in Portuguese.

Sean Clemmit

Sean has enjoyed a diverse career in leadership and learning, working around the world and across cultures. A psychology graduate, his experience has included service as an Officer in the Royal Air Force, working as an Operations Manager for DHL in Saudi Arabia and writing and performing stand-up comedy.

Since he qualified as a Coach in January 2002, Sean had delivered numerous The Mind Gym workouts for over 20 different clients including Rothschild, Reuters, Diageo and Credit Suisse, across Europe and Australia.

Shona Garner

Shona is a qualified teacher, with a degree in Psychology. She has also spent 14 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry taking roles in sales, marketing and coaching - culminating in the role of National Healthcare Manager for a top ten company. Shona currently runs her own coaching business and her recent corporate clients include Baxter Healthcare and the NHS.

Since joining us at The Mind Gym in January 2005 Shona has delivered workouts for BT, Pfizer, M&S, Curry's and HBOS.

Simon Rollings

Prior to working with The Mind Gym, Simon held the position of Senior Consultant with an HR consultancy, working closely with many household names (such as Hamleys). Simon previously had a successful career in corporate procurement, working in senior purchasing positions within Sears Clothing Ltd, Thomson Holidays and Scholl Group plc.

Since qualifying as a Coach in February 2004, Simon's clients with The Mind Gym have included Diageo, BT, Barclays, Pfizer, MTV, M&S, Fujitsu and Virgin.

Stephanie Hopper

For the last 13 years Stephanie has worked for Reuters latterly as a Fixed Income Liquidity Sales Specialist. During this time Stephanie has developed strong relationships with the buy and sell side communities in London, Switzerland and Greece. In the past two years Stephanie has worked to build a strong network within UBS Zurich and London to support the customer relationship team. She has played a key role in the launch of Reuters Fixed Income Trading as well as contributed to the improvement of the client onboarding process and product enhancements. In 2005 Stephanie went to Sri Lanka with Habitat for Humanity to help with rebuilding houses and managed to raise single handedly just under �£12,000 for the Sri Lanka Tsunami appeal.

Stephanie qualified as a Mind Gym coach in 2007.

Steven Dolan

Steven Dolan is based in Stamford, CT and has over twenty-two years of experience as a corporate trainer serving Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in teaching business communication skills that facilitate productivity. Among the clients to whom he has delivered workshops & coaching are Citibank, Chase, Credit Suisse, UBS, GE Capital, Time Warner, Mobil Oil, Pfizer, Merck and The Gap. This work has taken him throughout the United States, as well as to Canada, Mexico, and Great Britain.

Steven's eclectic background has enriched his career in adult training. His broad, liberal education includes two years at Fordham University, two years in Korea as a Peace Corps volunteer in public health, a BA in philosophy from the University of Missouri, all followed by a career in the performing arts prior to corporate training.

Steven qualified as a Coach in 2007 and has run workouts for Accenture, UBS and Pfizer.

Susan Mulholland

Susan runs her own business as an Occupational Behaviour consultant in Dublin, after gaining an MSc from Trinity College. She began her career in the travel and tourism industry, spending 10 years at Thomas Cook in retail management and global marketing. She moved to Ryanair as sales manager before setting up and managing the Tourism Research Centre at the Dublin institute of Technology.

She qualified as a The Mind Gym Coach in August 2004 and has run workouts across the UK and Ireland for Royal Mail, Diageo, Invesco, Standard Life, Deutsche Bank and 3.

Teresa Lawlor

Teresa, based in Dublin, has 12 years experience in Sales and Marketing in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. She was Marketing Director for a leading Irish leisure company for 6 years where she helped create, build and manage successful brands.

She is a qualified Executive Coach and Trainer who designs and delivers programmes to public and private sector companies. She holds a qualification in Adult learning and development from Maynooth university, and is an acrredited trainer in Emotional intelligence.

Teresa qaulified with The Mind Gym in 2005 and has run workouts for BBC, AIB Capital markets, Invesco, Pfizer and BT Retail.

Tony Brook

Tony began his career in industry with Grampian Foods and Northern Foods, gaining experience as a production manager, planning manager and leader of a team implementing SAP accross 60 manufacturing sites. He is a former BJC National public speaking champion and won the JCI European two person debating championship held in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2004.

Tony qualified with The Mind Gym in October 2004 and since run workouts for Curry's, M&S, 3, Securicor, Royal Mail and Fujitsu.

Tom Blaisse

Tom has over 20 years experience as an organizational consultant and program facilitator working for companies such as NASA, Merrill Lynch, Pfizer, AOL and Caterpillar. He was Director of Training and Development for HERCO (Hershey Entertainment & Resort Company). Tom holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Rider University, NJ. He is a published poet, singer and songwriter.

Tom qualified as a The Mind Gym Coach in November 2004, delighting clients such as Merrill Lynch, GSK and Diageo across the US.

Tracy Gunn

Tracy's most recent role was Head of Leadership Development for Marks & Spencer. She has over eight years experience in the retail industry, having held senior positions in commercial management, customer relations and learning & development. Tracy graduated with a first class degree in Business Studies and has gone on to become a qualified MBTI practitioner.

Since qualifying as a Mind Gym coach in January 2005, Tracy has already worked with clients including Invesco, Merrill Lynch, Ofcom, the BBC and Arcadia.

Vishal Kapoor

Vishal, based in Singapore, has 12 years of experience working for Deutsche Bank, J P Morgan, Standard Chartered Bank and Credit Suisse in Operational Risk Management and Internal Audit. He has provided 550 hours of training while working for these compaines in areas of Operational risk Management, Six Sigma and others. A Chartered Accountant by education, he is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Leadership and Mastery of Change from The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership, Belgium.

Since qualifying in 2006, Vishal has run workouts for Shell.

Wolfgang Erharter

Wolfgang studied classical violin and jazz in Vienna, before going on to work as a journalist in Eastern Europe. He started his first consulting business in 1993, facilitating change projects with clients such as GE Capital and IBM. Wolfgang has co-authored a book on the internet targeted at educators. He is passionate about improvisational theatre and when not delivering workouts he writes music.

Wolfgang's mother tongue is German, he is fluent in English, and speaks Serbo-Croatian and Spanish. He qualified with The Mind Gym in August 2004, delivering workouts for international projects such as Hewlett-Packard, Deutsche Bank and BP.

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